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April 12th, 2009

fireriven: "Jack of all trades; master of none."  (Default)
Sunday, April 12th, 2009 05:24 pm
So far, I have:

Imported two Livejournal styles.
Quite Lickable in Cool Steel and Punquin Elegant in Drone. I'm using the latter.

Uploaded all of my icons from the fireriven LJ to DW.
This was tedious, but useful when I realized I could use it to re-tool my keywords-- and then promptly realized that doing so would un-key those icons to my entries. Which was the entire point to my setting them up before trying to import my journal. Oops.

Imported all entries, comments, and tags from my Livejournal.
This was totally awesome and worked pretty much like a charm. I received notifications concerning six entries they couldn't import, but all of those were from late 2001 and five of them were merely posted quiz results. (Oh, those early days of the worst sort of memage.) There's one that was an actual entry with jacked-up coding-- I'll want to import that one manually. I received the following error message in regards to these failures: "* Failed to post: Client error: Invalid text encoding: The text entered is not a valid UTF-8 stream".

Also, how awesome is this? It took less than 45 minutes to import 3,285 Journal Entries, 8,594 comments received, and 785 Tags. Impressive. (Additionally, this didn't tie up my computer's resources or mess up my interface with the site... I was able to bebop around and do other things while the system imported everything.)

Questions and comments so far:

Can we hide our lists of access so other users don't necessarily know who we give access to?
On the profile page, they should provide fields for Ravelry and Deviantart and Facebook.
Will one be able to have custom mood themes?

Noted differences between account levels:

Regarding icons: free accounts get 6, paid accounts get 75, premium paid accounts get 200.

Next up:

Creating a community.
Finding more people.
Reading up more on DW's capabilities and setting out to test them.