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fireriven: (mischievous dayan)
Thursday, April 16th, 2009 07:01 pm

I have now set up a custom moodtheme, Dreamwidth-style! Sadly, this turned out to be the most tedious set-up yet. For each of the near-200 moods, one must fill in the URL of the image and the dimensions of the image in separate fields. I much preferred the method of doing it through the LJ-console, where I could paste from a notepad document into which I'd just found&replaced all the relevant bits of code. (I think the above-described Dreamdwidth style is the standard user-friendly LJ method now as well. Which means it may well be possible to access a Dreamwidth-console and do it the way I prefer but, if so, I don't know where it is.)

Ridiculously, while going through this process which took about an hour, I was struck by the need to finish my jack-o-lantern moodtheme and to make a text-based moodtheme. I'm not sure where I want to get quotes from, though.


I have also created a community, just to test out the comm-controls. Except not, because I decided to re-create my Tara K. Harper community and there's not much to say about her right now. Nor much of a fanbase around here that I'm aware of...

So! I'm thinking new community-- The Library Pub! I blame [personal profile] penmage and [profile] obsessiveicons for this idea rattling around in my brain. Anyway, I'm thinking of a community for the posting of literary- or author-inspired drinks and also discussion about what shocking, amusing, or titillating lushes many famous and/or admired authors are. Anyone up for playing around in that sort of community? And thusly testing the mod-backend of Dreamwidth?


And, finally, I took the first invite code I ever got and spent it on myself. I felt the strong urge to secure [personal profile] talkstowolves is all I can say. I've done much the same over there as here, creating a custom layer so that I could use LJ's Dear Diary - Striking layout and setting up all my icons.

Setting up [personal profile] talkstowolves also gave me a better idea of what people will be facing when the site is live and everyone's trying to import their journals. I imported [personal profile] fireriven when there were only around 400 people? And 3000+ entries with 8000+ comments took less than 50 minutes. Importing [personal profile] talkstowolves, which involved less than 200 entries and barely over 300 comments took 17 hours.

Next up!
Catching up with/finding my friends who have migrated.
Looking more into the official DW-related comms.
fireriven: (geek ichiban)
Thursday, April 16th, 2009 05:41 pm
I know the whole point of having separate access/subscription lists is to make defriending drama obsolete (which I'm not entirely convinced is what will happen, but at least it's trying to promote that ideal). Anyway, I'm about to unsubscribe from a mess of journals on [personal profile] talkstowolves and I just wanted to give you all a heads up. If I read you on [personal profile] fireriven, I'm going to take you off my reading list on [personal profile] talkstowolves, just to make my reading list over there easier to navigate.

I should have done that from the get-go, but I wasn't thinking through the DW-enabled way of doing things. And now you know. :)
fireriven: "Jack of all trades; master of none."  (Default)
Sunday, April 12th, 2009 05:24 pm
So far, I have:

Imported two Livejournal styles.
Quite Lickable in Cool Steel and Punquin Elegant in Drone. I'm using the latter.

Uploaded all of my icons from the fireriven LJ to DW.
This was tedious, but useful when I realized I could use it to re-tool my keywords-- and then promptly realized that doing so would un-key those icons to my entries. Which was the entire point to my setting them up before trying to import my journal. Oops.

Imported all entries, comments, and tags from my Livejournal.
This was totally awesome and worked pretty much like a charm. I received notifications concerning six entries they couldn't import, but all of those were from late 2001 and five of them were merely posted quiz results. (Oh, those early days of the worst sort of memage.) There's one that was an actual entry with jacked-up coding-- I'll want to import that one manually. I received the following error message in regards to these failures: "* Failed to post: Client error: Invalid text encoding: The text entered is not a valid UTF-8 stream".

Also, how awesome is this? It took less than 45 minutes to import 3,285 Journal Entries, 8,594 comments received, and 785 Tags. Impressive. (Additionally, this didn't tie up my computer's resources or mess up my interface with the site... I was able to bebop around and do other things while the system imported everything.)

Questions and comments so far:

Can we hide our lists of access so other users don't necessarily know who we give access to?
On the profile page, they should provide fields for Ravelry and Deviantart and Facebook.
Will one be able to have custom mood themes?

Noted differences between account levels:

Regarding icons: free accounts get 6, paid accounts get 75, premium paid accounts get 200.

Next up:

Creating a community.
Finding more people.
Reading up more on DW's capabilities and setting out to test them.
fireriven: "Jack of all trades; master of none."  (Default)
Saturday, April 11th, 2009 10:45 pm
Thanks to [personal profile] keilexandra, here I am in the Dreamwidth Beta! This is actually rather exciting: after reading up more on the site and its intentions, I'd really like it to thrive. It sounds like it could be fabulous!

While setting up my account, I decided not to manually upgrade to a paid account for the moment. I want to see what the base level settings are like so I can better evaluate whether a paid account is worth it.

Right now, the only baseline I can firmly set is that free accounts only have six icons. The customization features are highly limited as well, but I'm not sure how much of that is a function of the site still being in Beta. Any one have some insight on that and other differences in the account levels?